It all started with Peter. Gloriously unique. Proud to be different. Peter Boizot didn’t just break the mould. He knocked down entire walls. He brought great pizza to Great Britain. And a great deal more besides. So he’s much, much more than our founder back then. He’s still our inspiration today.

Jordana Restaurants LLC is continuing this expansion in key areas across the United Arab Emirates. We are rolling out new PizzaExpress concepts, stimulated by trendy designs reflected in our people. Putting pizza making at the heart of our restaurants, our aim is for you to enjoy pizza in style.

about us
about us

In the beginning…

To understand us, you need to know Peter. He was just a schoolboy when he first fell in love with pizza. Later, though, he spent years pursuing this obsession on his travels. So many jobs. So many cities. Except for London, where great pizza just did not exist. There was only one thing to do. PizzaExpress was launched in 1965. In Wardour Street. And in chaos. His Italian oven was too big for the door. So he knocked down the wall. Oven in. Oven on. And so it began.

Two years on, Peter had met Enzo Apicella. An amazing artist. A visionary designer. Two people with shared passions. For beautiful music, stunning design, unique experiences and exceptional food. Decades later, those passions still inspire us. Particularly when we shake things up. Because knowing where you come from is the best possible guide to where you should go next.

Beautiful music, stunning design, unique experience and exceptional food are the key ingredients. PizzaExpress sits at the heart of the casual dining market and has a wide competitive set.

Music plays a big part on our tradition and is now being brought over here at Dubai; PizzaExpress will soon be launching their very first Jazz restaurant which will showcase live jazz music every single night. Music and pizza together is just a match made in heaven.

about us